Minexcon Solutions is a sourcing and marketing subsidiary of Singapore based company, NutreeGenus (S) LLP.

Having spent over thirty years in Ghana, our roots run deep in Africa. We have been supporting and serving Africa's mining industry, through our media partner, Palace Promotions, since 1992. By 2009, our corporate evolution saw us expand our core business to include cost effective solutions for exploration and mining, thus  further cementing our commitment and support to the industry in the West Africa sub-region through our West African representative, CampSite Solutions (CSS).

To implement the projects we are fortunate to secure, we believe in forming strategic alliances with qualified, competitive local businesses and individuals. Through these collaborations, we support local economies in their growth and development while also assisting our clients in achieving their specific goals. A win win all round!

In 2012, due to the sudden drop in the gold price, which resulted in the loss of thousands of mining jobs, maintaining a permanent office in Ghana was proving to be unsustainable, which resulted in us relocating back to Singapore in 2014. Just as the industry started showing signs of recovery, we were all hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. And the world came to a halt!
Like everyone else, we too suspended our service. Consequently, after that disconcerting period, and with the return to some kind of normalcy, we decided to re-launch the service once again, to lend support to the mineral exploration, mining and construction industries in Africa, a region we cherish so dearly.

Our many years of experience, servicing and supporting Africa's mining industry, has taught us that in the painstakingly meticulous and arduous process of exploring, mining and extracting the prized minerals used in the production of various consumer products, every single project negatively impacts the natural world to an extent. As custodians, It is our duty to minimise the disturbance we cause to Nature. In order to mitigate the adverse effects of the mining industry’s actions on the natural world, Minexcon offers not just an array of cost-conscious solutions but also environmentally sensible products to ensure every project we commit to aims to reduce the human impact to the barest minimum leaving behind a relatively small carbon footprint.


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What our clients say

”We had such a terrible storm on site once, that blew the roof off some of our block structures. Our staff took cover in the prefab cabins installed by CSS. They are sturdy and proved to be a great investment”

- Sam Quarm
(Financial Controller, B2 Gold - Burkina Faso)

”Our project was located in the middle of the desert in Sudan. Had it not been for the Minexcon's containerised fuel storage solution, I doubt we would have been able to carry out our task effectively"

- Andy Cardoso
(Project Manager, Ansan Wikfs Block 17, Sudan)

Minexcon & CSS customised our security cabins for one of our project sites in Ghana. Their modular cabins proved to be the perfect solutions we were looking for."

-JC Grobbelaar
(Operations Manager, G4S Security, Ghana)

”The Minexcon/CSS team installed a water purification system at our Exploration Camp in Burkina Faso.
Their after sale service is laudable"

-Michael B. Wanye
(Exploration Camp Manager , B2 Gold Burkina Faso)

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