Fuel is perhaps the most essential consumable component of any mining operation. Every exploration or mining project requires a fuel security solution to carry out their tasks without hinderance. Adequate storage of fuel is a prerequisite on every mine site.
Above ground or containerised fuel storage solutions are especially advantageous for remote project sites as they are relatively easy to transport and can be installed in a short time.
A number of strategically placed fuel storage stations, on a mine site, can make a huge difference in cutting downtime, increasing productivity and ultimately reducing operational costs.

Product : 20ft/40ft Fuel Storage Self
Bunded Fuel Tank
Material : Carbon Steel
Storage Capacity : 24,000L - 50,000L
Voltage : 12V/240V/220V/380V
Pressure : Atmospheric
Certification : ISO9001

Testing: Tested with 2kg/cm2 air pressure &
Air Foam Test Methods.
Exterior: Container is coated with anti-rust paint then covered epoxy paint and branded.
Includes : Fuel Transfer Pump
Fuel dispensing Pump(s)
Electrical Wiring, Lighting &
Distribution Panel
Fire Extinguisher
Ventilation/Exhaust system
Optional : 5KVA Generator
*Can be produced with two tanks for two types of fuel if required.

All fuel facilities are built to industry standard with a keen eye to detail for safety, complete with all precautionary procedures and safety checks conducted during production and installation.