At every stage of a mining project electrical power is required! The demand increases with each stage of the process - from exploration, data collection and feasibility study to construction and finally to mining and ore processing and gold (or any other mineral) production.
As the demand is fairly high at the final stage, the mine is usually connected to the host country's national power grid. This reduces the burden on the company's capital base. However, in the event of a blackout there has to be a plan B in place that will immediately take over the responsibility of powering up the entire mine to reduce downtime.
In the instance where the location of the mine site is so remote that the host country's national grid is unable to supply the demand of the mine's requirements, the mine must make arrangements to either generate its own power on site or depend on a private power producer.

We work with a host of generator manufacturers whose products contain some of the world's most renowned diesel engine brands like Cummins, Perkins, Kubota, Mitsubishi among others with power generating capacities from 7.5kva to 3,750kva, making them ideal for any exploration or mining project. Every generator is backed with spare and consumable parts.