Before any mine commences commercial production of a mineral, it must go through
a number of phases - Exploration (Drilling), Data Collection, Identification of Reserves & Resources, Construction of Process Plant & Support Infrastructure, Ore Extraction, Processing and Production of the sought after mineral (gold, bauxite, manganese etc.)

Every stage requires products and services to make the project possible.
With Minexcon Solutions you can concentrate on your project goals while we cater to your basic project requirements:

  • Prefabricated Camp Accommodation

  • Prefabricated Site Offices

  • Pre-engineered Steel Structures

  • Camp Site Kitchen & Dining facilities

  • Freezing & Refrigeration Solutions

  • Water Management Systems (Water Purification, Wastewater Treatment)

  • Solar Power Solutions

  • Industrial Laundry Solutions

  • Containerised Fuel Storage Solutions

  • Containerised Lube Station

  • Camp Furniture

  • PPEs (Hard Hats, Boots, Gloves)

  • Worker Uniforms

  • Security Solutions