Every exploration or mining camp site has to feed its workforce three meals a day. Adequate nourishment is vital in order to get the staff to offer their best service to the mine. That requires meticulous planning and management. To make that possible, the kitchen layout is essential to ensure hygiene is maintained at the highest level to avoid any food contamination.
Protein, carbohydrates and fibres must never be handled next to each other as it causes cross contamination. Products of all food groups must be entirely segregated right from receiving supplies to storage, refrigeration, freezing all the way to cleaning, prepping, marination, cooking and serving. Cooked and uncooked foods must never come into direct contact. The kitchen must have pantries for dry and wet food storage at the appropriate temperature to ensure no spoilage occurs. Freezing and refrigeration facilities are therefore fundamental to maintaining a hygienic and germ-free environment in the kitchen. Exhaust systems must never be overlooked to ensure safety, from potential fires, is of paramount importance. Fire prevention and fire fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke alarms) must be installed and regularly checked for defaults.

Only Reverse Osmosis treated water must be used not just for preparing all meals but for cleaning the entire kitchen after every cooking session. A grease trap must be installed outside the kitchen to arrest all used cooking oils, fats and grease before it flows into the Sewage Treatment Plant. This system ensures all undesirable food matter is cleared from the water prior to being recycled for reuse on other parts of the project site or released into the environment.

Walk-in Freezer/Chiller

Reefer Containers

The list of kitchen equipment is too long to fit into this section. Please send us an inquiry requesting a catalog, preferred number of items so we can send you details to choose from.
We can design a complete kitchen once we are aware of the size of the dedicated space and how many meals to be prepared per sitting.

Grease Trap