Camp Sites

Many mineral exploration sites are located in extremely remote areas with little to no access to services needed to make the project possible. The bare necessities must be transported to these isolated locations in order to conduct exploration processes for the valuable resource that is essential to the continuation of the entire operation.

Prefabricated modular cabins are a cost effective multi-functional solution that conform to the dimensions of ISO shipping containers. They have a vast variety of uses - accommodation, offices, kitchen & dining, ablution and storage among others. They are shipped as Flat Packs in Semi Knocked Down (SKD) or Complete Knocked Down (CKD) formats:

SKD - Semi Knock Down 'Flat Pack' Cabins - These come in a variety of sizes but the most versatile and quick to install, is the 20ftx8ft (6mx2.4m) model. These are shipped in flat pack kits to maximise the shipping space on the vessel. Four flat pack kits fastened together have the same dimensions as a regular 20GP ISO shipping container, making it ideal for shipment. This arrangement saves up to 75% on shipping and land transportation costs. As each prefab cabin weighs approximately 2 tonnes, a truck mounted crane can be used to transport the flat packs from the destination port to project site as well as used in the installation process eliminating the need for a dedicated crane deployed to site.
These can be installed as a stand alone unit or can be expanded lengthwise or widthwise without limits should there be a requirement for a larger internal space.

CKD - Complete Knock Down Cabins - This option is shipped in a complete knock down state, shipped in 40ft containers and does not require a crane and can be installed on site by a team of technicians over the course of 3-4hours. One 40GP container can ship 10-12 cabins of 6m x 2.4m or 6m x 3m. The advantage with this option is you do not require any heavy lifting equipment as the components are light enough for 2-3 untrained persons to lift. The disadvantage is that you need a team of trained technicians to assemble the cabin.

A basic SKD cabin consists of an insulated roof frame, ISO Container casted corners, insulated floor frame, 3mm steel cross beams in the roof and floor.
The ceiling is covered by an additional layer of 100mm Fibre Glass insulation. The floor is layered with 20mm cement fibre board and a 2mm PVC Flooring.
Each corner pillar contains a drain pipe to allow for quick evacuation of rain water. The walls consists of fourteen sandwich panels made with a choice of insulation - 50mm, 60mm, 75mm EPS, Mineral Wool or Polyurethane.
One door & two windows. There are 2-3 different types of windows to choose from to suit your needs - with or without blinds and anti-burglar bars.
Single phase industrial sockets are installed for easy electrification. Two double fluorescent/LED lights, single phase wiring, one light switch & two power points are provided.
Additional partitions, door or windows can be provided based on client's needs. All fittings for bathroom fixtures (WC, wash basin, shower tray) can also be shipped together if required. (Please see example floor plans in the gallery section)

How to assemble a SKD Flat Pack Cabin

Expandable Cabins - As the name suggests, this option is an expandable structure that can be deployed in a matter of minutes. The central section has a main entrance, bathroom or kitchen fittings pre-installed at the factory. The two folded roof, floor and wall frames are simply unfolded and bolted into place. Each Expandable Cabin is designed to have two bedrooms and fitted kitchen & bathroom facilities. This can be used as an exploration site office, accommodation and so much more. One 40ft HQ container is capable of shipping two semi-furnished units.

How to assemble an Expandable Cabin

How to assemble a CKD Cabin