Many countries face a shortage of affordable housing options due to the high cost of equipment. However, the Self Loading Compact Concrete Mixer provides a cost-effective solution, allowing for on-site concrete mixing. With drum capacities ranging from 0.6m3 to 4.5m3, this machine eliminates the need to order pre-mixed concrete from a batching plant, which often has a minimum volume of 10m3 and may get stuck in traffic on the way to a project site. This innovative equipment provides a practical and affordable way to meet the housing needs of societies around the world.

Construction Equipment

Compact Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Cost Cutting Solutions

Compact excavators not only make the job possible at a lower cost, they also reduce the requirement for casual labour and reduce the time spent on manual work, thus reducing down time and maximising profit.
Built with world renown Japanese Kubota engines these tiny work horses are are compact, convenient and cost effective machines that can be used for a variety of construction, forestry, agriculture jobs at the most cost effective manner possible.

Compact Excavator

Block Forming Machines - These machines are made up of three main parts - 1. The Mixing Drum, 2.The Conveyor Belt, 3. The Moulding section. There are manual labour intensive options, semi automatic options that requires no more than 2-3 workers to operate and can produce 3000-5000 blocks per 8hr day. They produce hollow blocks of various dimensions, solid paving & curb blocks.