To reduce some of the burden of the onsite diesel generators, solar power generation is worth a thought. Though it may be capital intensive, and requirement for large tracts of land may be the initial obstacles, the operational costs are considerably low making it an attractive prospect.

Depending on a project’s requirement, packages start from 1MW to 500MW and over. Excess generated power can be supplied to the host country’s national grid to either offset cost or as the company’s CSR commitment.

Besides power generation, solar energy can takes care of the lighting and powering low and medium wattage appliances like computers, televisions, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters and air-conditioners.

Solar Lighting Towers are also an excellent way to reduce cost of illumination during night time mining operations.

We also offer wireless solar streetlights of various wattages to light up the entire project site or alternatively they can be a source of illumination in local communities as part of the mine's Community Social Responsibility project.

The initial capital expenditure may seem a little high but their cost is recouped within 4-5 years. After that, the power generated is practically free of cost.

Solar Panel Farm installed on a mine's Waste Pad

Solar Panel Farm installed on a mine's Reclaimed Site

Wireless PV Integrated Streetlight Assembly

Solar Powered Lighting Towers in use at a mine site

Solar Powered on/off grid Air conditioner

Containerised Solar Inverters & Battery Storage Units